Professional System Design
Let us put our professional experience to work for you. Sonic Excellence designs specialized systems that are tailored to specific locations. Unique setting and business requirements are factored in to system designs, including acoustics, sightlines, and user compatibility. In addition, Sonic Excellence will select and match equipment that blends in with the overall appearance of a room.

Technical Consulting
Whether you are in need of equipment upgrades or an entirely new technical system, our experts can help you determine what type of components are best for you. From far-reaching outdoor public address systems to smaller, corporate boardroom requirements, Sonic Excellence will assess your situation and offer helpful solutions for your professional needs.

Service Calls
Our service technicians are quick, accurate and reliable. Sonic Excellence provides equipment and systems maintenance for all major types and brands of audio and visual components. Whenever possible, service updates are conducted on-site. Sonic Excellence representatives arrive on time and travel in vehicles stocked with standard replacement parts and service equipment to ensure immediate on-site service capabilities.

Expert Installation
Our team is trained to provide the best install service available. Business is conducted on time and skilled workmanship ensures pleasing aesthetics free of dangling wires, chipped paint or loose components. In addition to specialized system installation, Sonic Excellence provides solutions to equipment set-ups in hard to reach places. We recognize that your existing amount of available space could be in a place that is difficult to reach which in turn could house equipment that is difficult to use. Sonic Excellence technicians can find innovative solutions in situations of limited space and storage capacity.

Custom Framework
Sonic Excellence maintains relationships with custom fabricators that produce unique housings for tailor-made audio/visual systems. This capability provides the convenience of quick turn-around with the flexibility of a customized system.

Product Sales
Sonic Excellence uses audio and visual equipment from reputable brands. Our company maintains relationships with brand name and specialty electronic manufacturers in order to provide the widest range of products and services to clients. Our vast parts inventory provides precise system components that accurately fit your requirements. Sonic Excellence serves as an authorized dealer for a wide range of brand name products.